Postdoctoral Opportunities in Hydrological Modeling and Data Assimilation, NASA JPL, Caltech

Multiple Postdoctoral Opportunities in Hydrological Modeling and Data Assimilation:
The Terrestrial Hydrology Group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California
Institute of Technology, seeks candidates for postdoctoral positions in large-scale
hydrologic modeling, river transport modeling, large-scale groundwater modeling, remote
sensing, data assimilation and data science. Selected candidates will contribute to the
development of the Western States Water Mission, a hyper-resolution modeling and data
integration platform under development at JPL, as well as to research using NASA Earth
Science flagship missions including GRACE/GRACE-FO, SWOT, SMAP, GPM and more (e.g.
InSAR, GPS, ASO, ECOSTRESS). Additionally there is the potential for connection to JPL
efforts in the NASA Applied Sciences program (e.g. SERVIR and the new Western Water
Applications Office).

Candidates should have a recent Ph. D. (within the past five years) in hydrology, civil
engineering, geosciences or a related discipline. Expertise in modeling, uncertainty
quantification, assimilation and analysis of data from at least one of the flagship missions is
highly desirable. Experience with software development and integration platforms like
NASA's Land Information System is a plus. Proficiency in a varied computer-programming
environment (Geographic Information Systems, Geospatial Python, Fortran, Linux Shell
Scripting, High Performance Computing, open source, etc.) is highly valued. Postdoctoral
Scholar positions are awarded for a minimum of a one-year period and may be renewed up
to a maximum of three years.

Drs. Jay Famiglietti, Cedric David and J.T. Reager, all in JPL's Earth Science Section, will serve
as postdoctoral advisors to the selected candidates, depending upon their interests. This
team is well-known for its work in land surface and river transport modeling; in satellite
observations of global hydrology, water cycle change and groundwater depletion; and for its
efforts in science communication. As founding members of JPL’s Terrestrial Hydrology
Group, they are actively building a dynamic water research and applications program at JPL.
These postdoctoral positions represent a major effort towards expanding their JPL team to
better address the most pressing challenges of water issues in the American west, the
United States and across the globe.

Please send a letter describing your research interests, a curriculum vitae, and the names
and email addresses of three references to Michele Verdugo, If appropriate to the candidate’s background and interest,
please include a link (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket) to an example hydrologic data analysis or
modeling program. Review of applications will begin immediately and will remain active
until the positions are filled.

Caltech and JPL are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers. Women, minorities,
veterans, and disabled persons are encouraged to apply.

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