New Network "TAHMO" in Africa

The new network TAHMO has been added to the ISMN!

The Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) aims to develop a vast network of weather stations across Africa. Current and historic weather data is important for agricultural, climate monitoring, and many hydro-meteorological applications. 
The data is made available through TAHMO with the support of the H2020 TWIGA project under grant agreement No.776691.
Within ISMN 70 stations have been integrated, located in 6 different countries across Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast.

Soil moisture has been measured in depths from 5 cm up to 2 m in the ground. Besides soil moisture, precipitation, air, and soil temperature measurements are also available. The earliest measurements are available from 2015 up to October 2020 . 

The weather stations are funded through donations, therefore if you would like to contribute please find some more information about donations and project under the link:

We would like to thank Nick van de Giesen and Frank Annor for providing the datasets and for their support during the implementation process!

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