1.05 (1.05) - soil moisture 0.00-0.05m - breaks

edited February 2016 in HOBE

Unrealistic drop and rise in soil moisture (0.00-0.05m, Decagon 5TE_A) in April 2013.


  • I had a quick look through the notes that the person in charge of data download and station maintenance had sent me. From that I could see that at station 1.05, the sensor plugged at the data logger port 4 was exchanged on April 23, 2013. After that the sensors plugged at ports 2, 3, and 5 stopped working for a while (probably they were erroneously slightly unplugged without notice), and it is likely that the sensor plugged at port 1 (depicted in the figure under consideration) got also disturbed. In short, it clearly seems to be an artefact to be removed

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