Reprocess of database to update ISMN quality flags

edited June 2021 in General

At the moment we are reprocessing the database with an updated quality control software. If you don't use the ISMN quality control you are not affected. If you do then be advised that in future more observations will be tagged 'dubious' as we are also updating GLDAS supported flags tags at negative soil temperature for the years 2018 - 09/2020 (see dark blue bars in the plot below). Additional differences are caused language differences (the updated quality control uses python instead of IDL), and some tweaks in the approach. For more information on the ISMN quality control see the preprint of our upcoming anniversary paper 'The International Soil Moisture Network: serving Earth system science for over a decade' (
Additional flags per network, from -1 to 1. A bar of length +0.1 indicates that 10% more soil moisture observations will be tagged dubious, while a negative bar indicates a corresponding decrease in the flagging frequency. Please note that quality flags are not exclusive, an observation may be tagged by multiple 'dubious' flags.

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