Duplicate station names solved (PBO-H2O, RUSWET-AGRO)

Several stations of RUSWET-AGRO and one of PBO-H2O shared the same_station name in the database (the unique identifier station_id was different). This may have caused data loss in some cases, as the ISMN-download (zipfile) is generated using the station names. Therefore we added a #number (#1, #2, .. ) to each station with a duplicate station name. As an example: The two PBO-H2O stations "SEVILLETA" were renamed  "SEVILLETA #1" and "SEVILLETA #2"). The order is based on the station_id (i.e.: "#1" was added to the station_name of the station with the lowest station_id, "#2" to the next station_name and so forth). We apologise for any inconvenience. 

See attached file "duplicate_stations.txt" for the complete list.

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