New Network "GROW" and evaluation of deployed soil moisture sensors (Xaver et al. 2019)

The GROW Observatory (GROW) is an Horizon 2020 project engaging thousands of growers, farmers, scientists and others passionate about the land all over Europe. The GROW network consists of 150 stations, located in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Greece. Each station measures surface soil moisture (0.0m - 0.1m) and air temperature using low-cost sensors. Observations are available from 08.02.2017 until 08.10.2019.

In their paper Xaver et al. (2019) explore the suitability of the consumer low-cost Parrot Flower Power sensors for scientific applications, in particular environmental monitoring and satellite validation (

We would like to thank Drew Hemment, Mel Woods, and everyone involved within GROW for collecting and sharing the data with the ISMN.


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