Odd / Wrong Temperature Data

Various networks (e.g. USCRN, SNOTEL, BIEBRZA_S-1, WEGENERNET, FMI, HOBE, RSMN) show in 2017 for many stations odd, most likely wrong, values for the soil temperature in the winter period, while being flagged with "G" as "Good". Also the soil moisture values are then not correctly flagged, as missing the "D01"-flag.

The problem I faced is visible as consecutive measurements with the same value for the soil temperature. E.g. the value 0.100, or -0.100, or 0.35000 or 1.2000, etc. lasting for days/weeks/months. I found also alternating patterns (e.g. 0.20/0.30, or -0.1/0.1) that are most likely to be not the temperature signal.



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    Dear Bernhard,

    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

    We had a look at some of the networks you mentioned, but due to the vast number of possible stations, sensors and depths, couldn't find the odd values you described.
    Could you please provide some details (at least network name, station name and the exact time span) for some of the stations where you identified the problems? Only then we are able to have a closer look and be of better assistance? Thanks!


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